Ulrich Vogl: Gipfelstürmer

5 - 28 March 2009

Ulrich Vogl is a draftsman – a draftsman however, whose aim it is to project the art of drawing into other spheres.He deploys versatile techniques in order to emancipate the medium of drawing from its traditional boundaries. While Vogl’s overall theme would be the “extension of drawing”, his focus of the past three years has been on “drawing & light”, working with shadows, reflections and movement, such as his reverse painting on glass drawings.

Gipfelstürmer sees the artist as mountaineer (roughly translating to ‘one who masters a peak or goal’).At such imagined heights, nature’s influence becomes clearer, the views – of mountains, clouds and sea – less unobstructed.There are no shadows on the summit.

Ulrich Vogl lives and works in Berlin and has just recently been an artist in residence at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, where he exhibited in the Process Room.

Solo exhibitions include: Ulrich Vogl, Benjamin Greber, Viafarini, Milan, 2008, Premiere, KrasakaEckstein, Bremen, 2007 and Goldgräber, Kevin Kavanagh, Dublin, 2006.

Selected group exhibitions include: Villa Grisebach, Berlin, 2008, wohnen, sitzen, glauben, Kunstverein Regensburg, 2008; Better is Something you Build, Kevin Kavanagh, Dublin 2008, Windkanal, toilette 27, Berlin, 2007; s/w, bell street project space, Vienna, 2006; and Micro Universe, The Lab Gallery, New York, 2005.