"Extended drawings" can be considered the leitmotiv of my artistic practice. Starting point are often objects of today’s everyday life, including objects that might have had their heydays before and are now loosing more and more of their relevance. These objects are integrated either as they are, altered, remodeled or are nothing but a point of reference. They become part of a playful, experimental and conceptual process in which a work reduced to the essentials stands at the end, while the playful making-of is still part of the work. There are installations, sculptures and wall pieces. Some are moving, some work with shadows and projection, they are often cinematic or time-based, often low-tech and a few produce sound. Some simply end up to be nothing but a slighly altered version of the original object.

My ideal would be that they help to reflect on how it is to live today, a catalyst to get in touch with our thoughts, memories and history, a time capsule of today for the future.

They should be stimulating for the inexperienced viewer as well as for the expert. They should be clear in their presentation, open in their meaning and right at the point.