Margaret Corcoran : Goddesses & Icons

27 April - 20 May 2023

Kevin Kavanagh presents Goddesses & Icons - a new solo show of paintings by Margaret Corcoran running from 27 April to 20 May 2023.

The works are joyous and beautifully colourful depicting iconic creatives and mythological females. Both Corcoran’s watercolours and oils are delightfully jewel-like in quality transporting the viewer to idealised realms. Corcoran’s themes remain art-historically and socially engaged - whilst pushing boundaries between the dream-like and reality. There are playful scenes of sphinxes and full moons along with strong female iconography such as the goddess Diana, juxtaposed against a stunning strong azure sky. There is an encouraging motif throughout of drawing on inner strengths in difficult times - calling upon connections with imagery of the Eternal Divine Female Protectors and also the portrayal of iconoclastic visionary female Irish Modernists. Corcoran’s exuberant brushstrokes dwell with vivacity alongside romantic heartfelt compositions and great depth of thought and feeling.