Margaret Corcoran’s previous exhibitions at Kevin Kavanagh have demonstrated the artist’s interest in art and feminist histories, painted in a style marked by its restrained beauty, with occasional exuberant counterpoints.


Corcoran pushes the boundaries between past, present, personal and historical narratives. Corcoran’s most recent series of work in 2019 re-addressed The Enquiry Series, painted in 202 when subjects such as identity, national identity, colonialism and post-colonialism were explored in an art-historical ad social context.

Corcoran’s interest in historical echoes comes not from a train-spotterish desire to trace references but, instead, from a wish to show how our ideas of what history is – and what it means – are informed by the images art has given us. Retell it, and you begin to realize that there are other histories that have been forgotten along the way.