Margaret Corcoran | Online Exhibition : Noli timere – do not be afraid

17 September - 17 October 2020
"These words, Noli Timere, texted from our poet Seamus Heaney to his wife before he died - has been a gift and comfort to me and also to the nation and the world. I found myself supported by these words on my own mothers passing in December - and again through the coming and continuing months of strangeness that we find ourselves navigating. The words provide meaning and strength. They helped the daily meditation of painting ward off the fear of uncertainty. Bright colours became a cure and an invigoration. Learning from the ways of other cultures and countries to transcend the challenges of life has helped forge a sense of belonging and togetherness through the work. Sometimes - behind the scenes - I found myself engaging in conversations across the globe on the challenges of lockdown and also the spiritual opportunities to grow in this new global reality. I can say that I have grown. The work has also grown in vigour and strength - because I felt that by painting I could bring a positivity to a very harsh situation. I hoped that if I painted works that brought a moment of beauty to our lives then that would be my contribution." - Margaret Corcoran