Ulrich Vogl : Two Stars Missing

16 September - 9 October 2021

The starting point of Ulrich Vogl’s work is his fascination with everyday objects and places, their stories and moods. He either integrates them unchanged, reshapes them, or leaves them only as references. These objects are always part of a playful, experimental and conceptual process, at the end of which the work is reduced to its essentials.

Two Stars Missing combines new large scale sculptural and photographic works. It is the first time that the Artist has worked with photography in such a scale.

The two photographic works evolve around the human body, oscillating between the intimate and the universal. The framing and its glass are an important part of the presentation.
The minimal, yet narrative sculptures in the exhibition consist of different combinations of metal, tulle, wood and plants. Vogl refers to them as "cognitive catalysts."

ULRICH VOGL (*1973) studied in Munich, Berlin and New York. He creates wall works, sculptures, installations and works in public space. He lives and works in Berlin where he just finished his large-scale outdoor sculpture Pole of Customs at the Ostkreuz train station. In November the 250 pages monography Cutting the Sky with Scissors - giving an overview of his work of the past decade - will be released by Hatje-Cantz Publishers.