Gemma Browne | Margaret Corcoran | Vanessa Donoso Lopez

14 - 30 October 2010

Gemma Browne researches the characters which are plucked from fashion magazine photo stories. Though the photos might show particular stories, the use of coloured pencils, markers and watercolours to create them, add a more complex layer of mixed emotion and goings-on! What is really happening with these characters?


Undercurrent, her new series of drawings, refers to those true feelings and meanings that we keep hidden from others. 


Previously with The Enquiry Series, Margaret Corcoran painted her daughter at a cusp - between the ages of twelve and thirteen. Now, as Georgia approaches twenty-one; another series of paintings is produced - The Dressing Table.


This Series shows Georgia preparing herself. The attention to this process is transformative. These paintings are produced on a linen canvas with a richness brought about by the inclusion of pure pigment.


At the -apparently- innocent age of four, Vanessa Donoso Lopez committed a mistake. She fried alive a gold fish together with the sardines her mother was cooking. The shadow of this cruel fact has followed her all over the place. This work is a homage to that orange being that died on her hands.