Ulrich Vogl

cutting the sky with scissors

This publication provides a comprehensive overview of Ulrich Vogl’s current artistic practice. The starting point of his work is his fascination with everyday objects and places, their stories and moods. In his works, Vogl either integrates them unchanged, reshapes them, or leaves them only as references. Some of Vogl’s pieces are movable, some work with shadows, sound, and projections, often they are cinematic or time-based, low-tech, revealing their mode of production. They are always part of a playful, experimental, and conceptual process, at the end of which is a work reduced to its essentials. The book presents a large amount of what Vogl calls “cognitive catalysts.”


ULRICH VOGL (*1973) studied in Munich, Berlin, and New York. He creates wall works, sculptures, installations, and works in public space. He has lived and worked in Berlin since 1999.


Design by Ulrike Brückner

Published by HATJE CANTZ

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