Nevan Lahart

Vic Sims of the Hollow Gram
Nevan Lahart, 2017
Paper Back

Publisher: KRIEG, in collaboration with Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Dublin.

ISBN: 978-90-826-872-3

Dimensions: 24 x 17

Pages: 64

Several monumental paintings reflect the idea of limitless truth. Each work is a cryptogram to be marveled and unraveled. The madness of the day is being unmasked and put on show – for those with eyes to seek. Naivety is the new newspeak for courage. The empire is always on our backs, post-colonial predestination is the name of the station: turn off the tune and flip-flop out.


‘Liberty Party Shop’, which was commissioned by KRIEG, is Nevan Lahart’s first institutional solo exhibition in Belgium. Through the exhibition, Lahart questions our accepted notions of history and art: half-truths, subjective perceptions and mediated images are problematized in a sometimes critical, sometimes disconcerting way.


In the course of the exhibition, the first ever monographic publication on the work of Nevan Lahart was issued: ‘Nevan Lahart – Vic Sims of the Hollow Gram’ (2017).

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