Nevan Lahart works in a wide variety of media: painting, sculpture, installation, video, animation and performance. His work baffleshalf-truths, subjective perceptions and human nature, whilstproblematising mediated images in a sometimes critical, sometimes disconcerting, always humorous way.


The subject matter of his work could be very loosely described as encompassing television, the media, social and political perceptions and the history of art and life as he finds it. His art practice aims to engage in creative collaboration in ways that may be seen as either humourous or deeply subversive. Humour is central to Lahart’s work and he describes it as “usually a shade of universal grey as opposed to pitched battle black or goody two shows white”. He likes his artistic practice to be “generous, a bit like a department store, with a basic entry level for everybody and a specialist knowledge there for those who want it on the second floor”.


Q.Write 5 sentences about your work for PR purposes.

It doesn’t seem like work.

I don’t like work.

Can I make it work for me.

Don’t give up the day job.

One last sentence and I’m done, for this season’s collection; sheer blacks with luminous earthy colours, overall a somber funerary collection with a dash of joie de vie.


Nevan Lahart (b.1973) lives and works in Dublin.