A Different Horizon | Lismore Castle Arts | 16 July – 21 August 2022

Myrid Carten, Isadora Epstein, Áine McBride, Alice Rekab, Sheila Rennick, Eimear Walshe. Curated by Mary Cremin & Paul McAree

A different horizon explores the complex nature of how we understand and translate experiences of our social and environmental structures. The exhibiting artists have diverse practices and represent dynamic and distinct voices in contemporary art in Ireland. The use of language, sculpture, painting, video, text, digital prints and performance express complex narratives that are specific to each artist, some resolved and some unwinding. The mining of material be it personal, political or observational situates the work within this historical and political milieu. The relations and disparities in these artists works create charged interactions and an open communicative space.


Myrid Carten explores through documentary and fiction her own personal narratives and lived experiences. Alice Rekab’s practice is concerned with the exploration of complex cultural and personal narratives that create new ways of understanding ideas of family, nation, and the body. In her paintings Sheila Rennick engages with absurdity and humour as a way to critique the social norms of our everyday lives. As a writer and performer Isadora Epstein performs texts that enlivens her research in the area of mythology and art history. Eimear Walshe’s research-based practice engages with fiscal and sexual economies and histories manifesting in publications, video, performances and lectures. Áine McBride’s work reconstitutes signifiers and materials of the everyday, manifesting in sculptural stagings. These are informed by urban and domestic considerations of art, architecture and design. Each of these artists research and approaches demonstrate the intricacy of how we situate ourselves in a constantly changing political and social environment and create new ways to expand and understand who we are.

21 July 2022