Ulrich Vogl

The Pole of Customs at the Ostkreuz in Berlin

Dear friends, 

the planning started already a couple of years ago and now it is finally so far:  The Pole of Customs at the Ostkreuz in Berlin stands and defies wind and weather. It is my fifth work in outdoor space and my first one in Berlin. 


I would like to have a a drink with you to celebrate the project.

When: Tuesday, 8/31/2021 from 6pm (till around 8pm)


Where: If you walk out of Ostkreuz station, then go 20m left on Neue Bahnhofstrasse, so to the corner of Neue Bahnhofstrasse and Sonntagstrasse, opposite the small park.

The photo with the people in the foreground was taken from the spot....


My special thanks to: 

Fabian Buntrock (planning, construction)

Christoph Wagner (planning, process support) 

Evi Wiedemann (design, model) 

Nabih Alshikh (3D model)

Ralf Priess (anchoring)

Richard Haase, Peter Biens and Hermann Babilon (structural analysis)

Florian Schmidt-Hieber (test statics)

Eric Tschernow (documentation)

Kristin Fellerhoff and Konrad Retzer (project coordination Neue Bahnhofstrasse)


Mast des Brauchtums


Pole of Customs 

31 August 2021