Richard Proffitt | EVA International

Time Fades Away (2021), brings together Richard Proffitt’s recent paintings alongside various objects from his personal archive.  The paintings address the past, the present, memory, and consciousness as integrated conditions. The series of paintings and objects in the installation creates a multilayered narrative, enshrining the passage of time in daily life, from morning to light, to routines and dreams. [ME]

Phase 2 of the 39th EVA International opens from July 2 – August 22, 2021. The programme features 14 presentations by Irish and international artists and collaborating curators, across venues in Limerick, remotely and online.  Taking its reference from the “Golden Vein,” a 19th-century descriptor for the agricultural bounty of the Limerick region, the 39th EVA International programme seeks to address ideas of land and its contested values in the context of Ireland today.


Guest Programme: Little did they know 

Curated by Merve Elveren, the 2nd phase of the 39th EVA International’s Guest Programme, Little did they know, will extend across two venues in Limerick city (Park Point and Sailor’s Home) and via a dedicated online platform. The exhibition centres around two research projects; Asia Art Archives’ Betsy Damon Archive: Keepers of the Waters (Chengdu and Lhasa) and Kosovo Oral History Initiative’s Reconciliation of Blood Feuds Campaign 1990-1991. Works by Diego Bruno, Barış Doğrusöz, Melanie Jackson & Esther Leslie, Amy Lien & Enzo Camacho, Hana Miletić, Deirdre O’Mahony, Richard Proffitt, Mario Rizzi, and Aykan Safoğlusurround these archival-research presentations, allowing for broader dialogues between notions of home and uprooting, remembrance and forgetting, care and action.

3 July 2021