Richard Proffitt, born 1985 (Liverpool), lives and works in Dublin. Proffitt's work in painting, sculpture and sound is inspired by a stream of consciousness recollection of histories, memories, dreams, fact and fiction, and driven by an interest in found material that consists of thematically sourced objects, paper ephemera, junk and sound recordings.  The works often combine to create immersive, otherworldly, site-responsive installation works that evoke places of worship one may imagine existing in an intermingling cosmic universe of esoteric folk religions, the bedroom of a teenage loner, a spaghetti western and the remote habitat of a psychedelic death cult. However, the information and imagery they are loaded with is a personal form of esoterica born from the written word, from memories and personal and artistic history. The work is not about psychedelia but informed by psychedelia, the things at the back of your brain manifesting into word, voice and image.