Mark Swords: Flying Crooked

2 - 24 September 2009

Concurrently to this show, Mark is participating in the Royal Hibernian Academy’s Futures exhibition. RHA Gallagher Galleries, Ely Place, 4 – 27 September.


Mark Swords’ current work displays an increasingly intuitive engagement with various approaches to painting and art making. His practice is well described as an instinctive and ill-disciplined pursual of curiosities.

Craft, and specifically the idea of hand-making or building, play a central role in Swords’ work. There is a sense of the artist’s self learning and even re-learning through his engagement with materials, such that a piece of work may result from the solving of a self imposed problem.


This concept of ‘craft’ should not be confused with the more easily defined idea of skill. Swords’ work is constructed using ordinary materials, from paint to string to rags and there is no attempt to subvert or hide such acts as gluing or sewing. There is an openness and a questioning in this practice, the work itself often suggesting further problems as opposed to conclusions.