London Art Fair : Cecilia Danell, Stephanie Deady, Joe Scullion and Margaret Corcoran.

21 January - 25 April 2020

Cecilia Danell, Stephanie Deady,  Joe Scullion and Margaret Corcoran. 

Botth P19 / / Kevin Kavanagh, Chancery Lane, Dublin 8, Ireland Kevin Kavanagh is pleased to present a selection of works by artist Cecilia Danell, Stephanie Deady, Joe Scullion and Margaret Corcoran. This project brings together four exciting emerging artists practicing in paint, Cecelia Danell, Stephanie Deady and Joe Scullion. Cecilia Danell is a Swedish artist living and working in Galway. Through her practice, she explores the Scandinavian landscape in terms of colour, theatricality and ideas of constructed reality. Irish artist Joe Scullion merges interiors with exteri-ors and voids with forms in his colourfully executed abstract paintings. His paintings celebrates dream logic and the capacity of images to describe the subconscious, in-tangible and metaphysical experience. Stephanie Deady is an Irish artist working in paint. She uses a meditative process to reflect upon the ways that particular environ-ments are absorbed. The way we occupy and absorb certain spaces is a growing theme throughout the work. While these three painters have distinctive and unique prac-tices, they share a common sense of mystery and wonderment regarding the world around them. Through this project, the potential of paint to uncover and examine the transcendental nature of the everyday is celebrated.