VOLTA Basel 12: Tadhg McSweeney, Ulrich Vogl and Michael Boran

13 June 2016 

Kevin Kavanagh is pleased to present new work from Michael Boran, Tadhg McSweeney and Ulrich Vogl at VOLTA 12.


All three artists, though working in a variety of media and with differing methodologies, are all concerned with the mutable qualities of light and space, and with the meeting of the natural and artificial world. Both Tadhg McSweeney and Ulrich Vogl employ a wide variety of materials into their work, with a particular emphasis on the everyday and repurposed, turning often-overlooked elements into quietly beautiful forms that echo phenomena from the natural world, though ones that possess a very man-made delicacy and elegance. Michael Boran is a lens-based artist whose most recent body of work examines the overlap and interplay between flora and fauna, and the manmade interventions that populate contemporary landscapes. These landmarks and objects are presented in manipulated contexts, highlighting their inherent strangeness. All the artists have made new work especially for presentation at VOLTA 12.