Brian Cirmo: So Much Depends on the Weather

17 February - 12 March 2022

 Brian Cirmo | So Much Depends on the Weather



The Gallery is pleased to present So Much Depends on the Weather, a collection of nine paintings by American artist, Brian Cirmo, launching our online exhibition programme for 2022. Brian Cirmo is represented by 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel, New York.


"I have spent the past two decades traveling throughout the United States visiting museums, large cities, small towns, national parks, civil war battlefields, assassination sites, graveyards, and national monuments. I am a lifelong student of the vast profundity of American music as well as a glutton for American history, literature, western painting, film, comic strips, and cartoons; all of which have consumed my nights and days. These interests and practices are harvested and used within my process to create an intertextuality in the paintings.

In my recent body of work, So Much Depends on the Weather I’m working with pathetic fallacy, a literary device that equates environmental weather conditions with human emotion and psychology. The Paintings explore the human/planet relationship as well as personal and environmental turmoil."  Brian Cirmo, February 2022