Eleanor McCaughey | LUSUS

The Courthouse Gallery & Studios

Preview Friday 11th August, 6pm

Runs to 7th October 2023 


The Courthouse Gallery & Studios is delighted to invite you to the preview of our next exhibition, Lusus, preview on Friday 11th Aug 2023 at 6 pm. Lusus brings together the work of five artists, Eleanor McCaughey, Fiona Gordon, Anna Spearman, Domnick Sorace and Joanna Hopkins. This exhibition explores the robust relationships between materiality, human experiences, and the impact the works have on our experience of spaces. Through a range of multi-faceted installations, encompassing painting, sculpture, video, sound, and various other media, the exhibition invites visitors to delve into the artists' distinct explorations of domesticity, environment, cultural heritage, and the physical and metaphysical connections between humans and the material world.


"Lusus" is a Latin word that can be translated as "play," "game," or "sport." Or a deviation from the norm. It conveys a sense of playful exploration and experimentation. In the context of an art exhibition title, "Lusus" suggests that the artists engage in a creative and imaginative exploration of materials, inviting viewers to join in the playful discovery of new sensory experiences.


The concept revolves around the exploration of materials and their ability to evoke experiences with visual art across various ideas and influences driving artistic discovery. Each artist's work delves into unique aspects of materiality, offering unique perspectives on the interplay between the tangible and intangible, physical and metaphysical. From the earth-bound cultural heritage quality of McCaughey's installations to the digital exploration of femininity in Gordon's work, from Spearman's joyous encounters with everyday materials to Sorace's distillation of sentiments, and finally, Hopkins' immersive interventions using native plants and human-made structures – all these perspectives converge to create an exhibition that celebrates the power of materials and their ability to shape our perception of the world.

12 August 2023