Efectes Silvestres | Vanessa Donoso López

Vanessa Donoso López was recently awarded an art residency through an open call named ' Efectes Silvestres' in June 2023 at  Entorns, in the Catalan Pyrenees. The goal of this residency was to stimulate contemporary creation in a rural context.
During her stay, Vanessa worked in collaboration with the inhabitants of the small village of Mussa, using wild clay gathered locally as their main material.  They created clay bowls and glasses through a few workshops led by Vanessa. At the end of the residency there was a gathering where the participants and other locals celebrated this material surrounded by local food and drink contained by the pieces made during the workshops. 

This project was developed in collaboration with Xarxaprod, which is a public association that gathers art and production spaces in Catalunya that deal with contemporary culture. This project was possible with European Union- Next Generation funding.
12 July 2023