532 Gallery Thomas Jaekel | New York
Diana Copperwhite | Reflections In A Darker Mirror

November 17 - December 23, 2022

Opening Reception: November 17, 6 - 8 PM.


Chelsea, New York: 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel is honored to present Diana Copperwhite’s, Reflections In A Darker Mirror, from November 17 to December 23, 2022. The opening reception is on Thursday, November 17 from 6pm to 8pm, with the artist in attendance.


In her fourth solo exhibition at Thomas Jaeckel Gallery, Diana Copperwhite continues her ongoing exploration of the depths of painting with a new collection of abstract oil paintings that juxtapose meandering bands of parallel, rainbow-like colors in thick impasto with faint hints of figuration and spatial depth. These seemingly contradictory elements come together much like pieces of a puzzle, resulting in rich and complex images that both document and embody the fundamental nature of the painted image and the full range of its textural and illusionistic effects.

17 November 2022