The Map by Alice Maher and Rachel Fallon | The Hugh Lane

As part of the Hugh Lane Gallery's diverse education programme in tandem with Bones in the AtticThe Map, a monumental textile sculpture created by artists Alice Maher and Rachel Fallon will be displayed in gallery 17 from 18 October to 30 October 2022.


With its own continents, winds, currents, and constellations, The Map draws the viewer in, inviting a reorientation. Its richly worked surface is an epic Mappa Mundi where the structures and languages of cartography are used to imagine and re-imagine the life, legacy, and mythology of Mary Magdalene and her impact on women’s lives. An alternative topographic and psychic landscape is uncovered in this witty, complex un-picking of the established narrative of Mary Magdalene.


We Are The Map

Text and Sound Installation by Sinéad Gleeson and Stephen Shannon


The Map and We Are The Map was originally commissioned by Rua Red as part of the Magdalene Series*, curated by Maolíosa Boyle and resonates strongly with themes explored by artists in our current exhibition Bones in the Attic. This special project The Map @ Hugh Lane Gallery, curated by Jessica O’Donnell Head of Education and Community Outreach, will be accompanied by a series of discursive talks by artists Alice Maher and Rachel Fallon as well as Rua Red director Maolíosa Boyle.

20 October 2022