Elaine Byrne: The Watchers

Foundation, New York

Elaine Byrne will take part in The Watchers, a group show at the Foundation, New York, opening 11th July.

The Watchers, an exhibition that focuses on the multi-faced nature of surveillance and privacy in contemporary society, and the subsequent production and obscuration of information and news, will be on view at the Foundation’s exhibition space, The 8th Floor, in New York City from July 11 through October 12, 2019. Artists in the exhibition includeVito AcconciAmerican ArtistElaine ByrneLieven De BoeckAnne Deleporte,Hasan ElahiKarin FerrariOrkhan HuseynovPedro LaschRafael Lozano-Hemmer,Cannupa Hanska LugerArnold MeschesTrevor Paglen, and Amie Siegel.
The Watchers is loosely organized as a narrative about surveillance, presenting examples of stalking, sousveillance, fortified borders, facial recognition technology, as well as proposals for World Trade Center Memorials in cities across the world. Artworks featured in the exhibition that cite oppressive uses of tracking devices are juxtaposed with artistic manipulations of surveillance that model political agency and resistance. The exhibition sets the stage for dialogue examining the relationship between the technologies used to produce surveillance and the construction of news media. 

11 July 2019