Geraldine O’Neill, Alice Maher and Gary Coyle

’21st Century Ireland in 21 Artworks’, Glebe House and Gallery.


The Glebe Gallery / Office of Public Works in association with RTÉ & Earagail Arts Festival presents ‘21st Century Ireland in 21 Artworks’ at Glebe House and Gallery, Donegal. The exhibition is curated by Cristín Leach and looks at the island of Ireland since the turn of the century. All the artworks included in this exhibition were made in Ireland, about Ireland, and by Irish artists since 2000.


There are paintings, photographs, video works, sculptures, performances, and installations about home, money, bodies, risk, mental health, society, politics and more.


The exhibition opens Sunday 14th July 2019 at 3pm and runs until Sunday 1st September (Daily).


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14 July 2019