Vanessa Donoso López

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Daily Disagreements Over Small Things

Vanessa Donoso López

Kevin Kavanagh Gallery at SWAB Barcelona 2014

Following Donoso López’s research on transitional phenomena decontextualization and cross-cultural identity, Daily Disagreements Over Small Things  becomes another fragment of this ongoing process.  For this installation at SWAB, the artist focuses her exploration on ideas around adult homesickness and acculturation stress.Leaving a familiar environment in order to resettle somewhere else implies numerous rearrangements, losses and adjustments.  According to Dutch psychologist Ad Vingerhoets, this process may induce a reaction accompanied with complex emotional, somatic and behavioral states that may be labeled as ‘homesickness.’
In order to cope with this specific condition, Donoso López recreates environments that observe the union of two cultures (Spanish-Irish) in what she defines as Crossed Cultural Transitional Fields.
The original concept of transitional phenomena was first defined in 1951 by the English psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott based on a phenomenon commonly observed: early adoption and fierce possession by children of an object. According to his theory, this object occupies a space between what he calls “inner psychic reality” and “external reality” of the child. Over time, the object’s importance declines and gradually loses it’s meaning for the child. Still, Winnicott argues, what it represents remains and stays unconsciously present in every one of us.
Within this field lies the basis of (crossed)culture forms. Through iteration, play and scientific experimentation, the artist configures liminal constructions yet comprised by comfortable and familiar alloyed transitional objects hovering within intermediate spaces.This exploration pushed Donoso López to relocate herself abroad driving her close to being obsessed with placing herself in locations, cultures and landscapes previously unknown to her, compelled to deal with an ongoing interplay between physical site and displacement.

Vanessa Donoso López was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1978 and now lives and works in Dublin. She studied in Spain at Llotja School of Art and Design, Barcelona and the University of Barcelona, and at Winchester College of Art in UK. Since graduating in 2004 Donos López  has exhibited both internationally and nationally and prolifically shown work throughout Ireland and Europe. Her decision to move to Ireland was deliberately to place herself within  unknown location, culture and landscape.