Strata | Dumitru Gorzo | 11.06-04.07 2015

Written by Ingrid Lyons on . Posted in Exhibitions


Anecdotally and by way of contextualizing his practice, Romanian artist Dumitru Gorzo recently described an analogy that likened inspiration to a small bird that may come to land on your shoulder but that would spook easily and take wing given any sudden movements or rash decisions.

In response to this analogy Gorzo affirmed that he would rather think of inspiration arriving through the process of making work. He ascertains that painting has the capacity to incite questions regarding a person’s psychical nature. He is confident the passing of time, various changes in mood and shifting intentionality all become apparent in the work when he is engaged in the act of painting in a focused and yet intuitive manner, and so his paintings are explorative and impulsive in their function.

This exhibition, comprised of more recent work, sees Gorzo moving into abstraction in a tenacious and adventurous manner. The ten paintings demonstrate Gorzo’s protean and variable practice. Mainly working in acrylic, Gorzo often incorporates materials such as sand and dirt in order to accentuate the surface texture. The use of sand, synonymous with process painting which rose to prominence in the US and Europe in the mid 1960s, lends the work a kind of retro feel and adds to its sense of miscellany.

An interest in Brutalist architecture, Italian Metaphysical painting, Cubism, Abstraction, Arte Povera and Tribalism all seek expression in his work. These paintings are seemingly disparate notes and fragments that, once added together, comprise the formation of the artists’ painterly identity. Gorzo rejects the will to categorize or limit his work so it can become a useful tool in the search for a way of painting that can act as a vessel for all of his interests.

– Ingrid Lyons is an artist and writer based in Dublin