ART | Brussels | 2014

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Nevan Lahart 
Solo presentation

Fri 25 – Sun 27 April
Brussels Expo (Heysel)
Booth 3B-42

Solo by Nevan Lahart (1973), lives and works in Dublin, Ireland.
For Art Brussels 2014 Kevin Kavanagh presents a series of works by the artist Nevan Lahart. The exhibition ‘Serf Vice Paintings’ encompasses a variety of painting techniques depicting the role of the artist and patron in art history and the artist within the market today. The stand will act as both a capsule of history and a questioning of contemporary art and politics

A brief synopsis of what to expect:
Fancy Forgery Series No. 26
The Phaidon 3 million $ Holographic Coffee table
Coffee with Rembrandt
Trouble with the Wi-Fi
Constable’s Cloudy Conspiracy
Art and Ammo @ the Armory
Portrait of the artist as an Elite Super Hero
The Blue Chips go shopping at the Degenerate Art fair
Richter pays homage to Def Leppard in the style of Oldenberg
Richard Prince has a Krieg böse moment
Malevich’s DNA fakes a PRADA
The L.S. Lowry Ultras
Militant Mondrian
Monsanto Calendar Girls
Carpet Bomb
Daumier’s Post Modern Poster Racket
Chicken Chardin
Serious Cereal
AND MUCH MORE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>………….


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