Margaret Corcoran Embarking for HyBrazil

How to Spend it – Love, Time and the Universe | Margaret Corcoran | 16.02-17.03 2012

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How to Spend it- Love, Time and the Universe, comprises a body of work, ranging from smaller drawings and watercolours to paintings of various sizes, which draws on a range of Margaret Corcoron’s inspirations and influences to date. These include key art historical works, mythology, literature and more recently the teachings of Islam; in particular the story of Adam and Eve. Corcoran uses these as a starting point, adapting and developing them in her enquiry into the world around her and how our perceptions may be guided by preconceived ideas instilled within us. Her works, usually built up in layers, often proceed to juxtapose elements and imagery in such a way as to open up the doors to an alternative manner of perceiving and understanding the subject matter. According to Islam, responsibilty was attributed equally to both Adam and Eve, a concept which has impacted on Corcoran’s mediations on the concept of the couple; the balance within this union and love. This is an extension to an already present concern with the role and perception of women throughout history. In many of the works, lanscapes with Burkean undercurrents are populated with enigmatic and vibrant figures or objects, imbuing the scenes with a surreal atmosphere and hinting at a world which is beyond the immediately visible. Who or what are these and what is their purpose here? Diamonds reflect the contrast between what is beautiful and powerful yet also fragile, while water echoes the onward movement of life as a procession. Despite art historical and mythological references, Corcoran’s art is a response to the here and now, which shimmers with a life force and positivity.
Roisin Russell