I really don’t feel them

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Carl Giffney

I really don’t feel them, 1hr 37mins, HD video + stereo, (2016).

Screening will take place on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of September, 2016.

I really don’t feel them is a 3 day event at Kevin Kavanagh gallery. Its central work is a feature length documentary movie by the same name, shot in The Netherlands, Scotland and Finland, produced by Carl Giffney.

The movie will be screened on the big screen once each evening at a seated viewing starting at 18.00hr. Free tickets can be booked by contacting Kevin Kavanagh gallery directly. An exhibition of printed video stills expand the event. I really don’t feel them and its related projects were made across five residencies within Frontiers In Retreat (2013 – 2018), a five year collaborative residency project across seven EU countries funded by the EU Culture Fund.

For further information please visit www.carlgiffney.com and www.frontiersinretreat.org